Headache & Migraine Treatment

West Fargo, ND

There are many people dealing with headaches and migraines in West Fargo. These painful and annoying occurrences are never fun. Most people that experience a migraine are nearly paralyzed from the pain. Traditional medicine uses OTC and prescription medicine to help the pain but in most cases, this does not help. To pinpoint the source of your migraines, visit our West Fargo chiropractic clinic.

There are many signs that come about before a migraine occurs that include a depressed mood, mild hallucinations, and increased irritability. In a lot of scenarios, sensitivity to light, noise, and some feelings of dizziness are also felt before an extreme migraine occurs.

Are you in pain?

If you’re experiencing frequent headaches and crippling migraines, you are not alone, and we can help.

Common Causes

There can be many factors, but usually is related to your nerve signals in your spine causing pain issues.


Our clinic offers chiropractic care as an effective treatment to pinpoint the cause and help resolve the issue.

Do You Suffer From Any Of These Symptoms?

Throbbing pain in your head?

Sensativity to light?

Dizziness, Lightheaddedness, or distorted vision?

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Headache & Migraine Treatment in West Fargo

There is a lot of proof that chiropractic care is able to help headaches and migraines. A misaligned spine can be treated to allow the body to be able to heal itself better and in some cases causing migraines and headaches to stop completely. Most people are unaware that a chiropractor can help fight against headaches and migraines with regular chiropractic care.

For many years chiropractors have been helping patients with headaches and migraines. This is possible from the vast knowledge and understanding a chiropractor has of the spine and how the nervous system operates. When the spine is misaligned, there is unneeded pressure on other parts in the column. The irritated nerves mean your body is not operating at its full potential. Problems start to arise because the body is not fully efficient and headaches and migraines are usually the start to a variety of issues to come in the future.

How can headaches & migraines be treated?

The source of your headaches must be pinpointed in order to design a treatment plan. Our team will complete a thorough examination in order to find exactly what is causing your pain. Prescription medication is only effective at treating the symptoms as opposed to the actual cause of the headaches or migraines. We are determined to fix the cause and want to help you reach full health without any side effects from medication.

Live life pain-free without any headaches or migraines and call our team at Optimal Chiropractic in West Fargo with any questions you have. We have helped many patients just like you and look forward to meeting you!

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