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Fargo Forward is a comprehensive wellness program featuring chiropractic, massage, fitness, and nutrition to help our clients build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle all under one program.

No diets, no fads, no excuses, only results, the RIGHT way.

Fitness and Proper Movement

FarGo Forward uses the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity to develop strength and endurance while promoting fat loss. This class focuses on bodyweight exercises and metabolic conditioning without the complex barbell lifts used in regular CrossFit classes. 
FarGo Forwarders can also expect to receive in depth information regarding nutrition and fitness aimed at improving health and wellness while also promoting fat loss.

FarGo Forward members will meet three evenings a week as part of the 12 week program.


Eating should not feel like a constant competition or battle with yourself. Food is not cheating or a reward, it is simply nourishment. Learn how to recognize food combination opportunities instead of focusing on restrictions."Food first" is an incredibly reliable mindset - instead of focusing your attention on supplements and meal replacements.
The health care professionals and registered dietitians at Team4D can help you to navigate your specific concerns and find the solutions that are right for you and your family.

FarGo Forward members will have 6 in-home dietitian sessions. 


Our nervous system controls EVERY single function in our body! Integral parts of our nervous system are constantly sending information from our brain to important organs, glands, muscles, and tissues and then back to the brain. How successfully your nervous system controls this process will determine your level of health. 
At Optimal we do a NASA certified analysis of every single patient’s nervous system. The analysis gives us a detailed look at how every person’s health is at different stages and allows us to adjust everyone accordingly. 

FarGo Forward members will be adjusted two times each week and analyzed three times in the 12 week program.


The physical and psychological benefits of massage therapy are many. Physically, massage is indicated to relieve symptoms associated with illness and injury such as pain, weakness, cramping and spasm. 

Psychologically, massage reduces fatigue, mental tension and anxiety. FarGo Forward massage therapists will use techniques preferred by each member.

FarGo Forward members will receive one massage per week during the 12 week program.

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