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Posted on 07-15-2016

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Is Your Job Killing You?

Our careers are what allow us to give the things we want to ourselves and our families. But at the same time, the stress that many of us deal with from work can be almost unbearable. A statistic was thrown out saying that only 17% of people have nothing that stresses them out from work. That leaves us with an incredible 83% of us that deal with some sort of stress from our jobs. Job stress has become so common in our society that it has become second nature to us. The scary part is, all of this chronic stress leads to many negative health issues like weight gain, insomnia, and depression. This chronic stress also increases risk to many chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

This stress can be in all of our jobs. Desk jobs where sitting for 40 hours a week is a requirement that you can get out of. Laborers who have to lift heavy objects by themselves all day because their work does not have proper team lifting strategies in place. Those are some of the more physical aspects, but what about the emotional stress from deadlines, sales quotas, inconsiderate bosses, and disrespectful coworkers. These all truly take a toll on us and need to be examined carefully to see if it is honestly worth your health. Your health is your most precious asset in your life. When your health is gone you become a burden to yourself, your workplace, and most importantly your friends and family.

Now most are probably thinking there is no way that I can get out of my career. I have been doing it for too long and I only have the skills to do this job. That is fair and completely understandable. For those of you who are in that situation, here are some tips to help you feel better at work.

First, ask your human resources department if they have ever looked into adding a wellness program for their employees. Wellness programs benefit employees and employers. They decrease short term disability costs for employers and health care costs for employees, increase employee attendance and retention, and also help company reputation as a better place to work than your competitors. There are companies that specialize in corporate wellness all over. One of the best to hire for your company is Cultivate. They bring into each corporation; chiropractic, fitness, nutrition, and education. They also record all data to show the corporation how much money they are saving and increases in employee health and happiness.

It is not a small task to bring in a company like that so there are other ways to help relieve stress from work as well.

Whatever your job is it would be extremely beneficial to have an assessment done in your office for ergonomics. Ergonomics helps reduce the physical stress you put on yourself every day at that desk or your lifting labor job.

Going to see a chiropractor is extremely beneficial. Getting adjusted keeps your body properly performing the way it wants to and rewires the muscles that begin to forget to fire because of the repetitive movements you are doing constantly at your job. Regular adjustments help stop degeneration from sitting so much and help prevent injuries from lifting so often.

Movement and stretching can do wonders on your body. If you sit all day, get up regularly on the hour and walk around. Get blood flowing and muscles firing that haven’t over the last hour. Stretching is awesome to relieve muscle tension that is occurring from repetitive lifting or sitting. Team stretching is a great idea to get everyone involved and starting good habits through the day.

If you are dealing with a lot of emotional stress from coworkers or bosses talk with your human resource department. Their job is to make your job safe and comfortable. They can help you solve these types of issues that are going on. If you are dealing with these problems, it is most likely someone else in the company is as well. A good business owner or HR person is going to want to help with these issues because it will slowly grow into more of a problem if it isn’t taken care of.

The emotional stress can play a big factor in many jobs. Try to think of everything that stresses you out through the day and see how many things that you can remove from your daily life no matter how small. These types of things can add up before you know it. And try to find something that you really enjoy that gets your mind off everything. For some it is exercise, yoga, and sports to name a few. But find your release and make sure to work it into your regular routine.

Don’t let this chronic stress become just a normal part of your life, because before you know it, it may get to the point where your health has gotten past the point of no return. 

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