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Posted on 06-09-2016

Sometimes a patient looks flabbergasted when they see a whole family (babies, kids, teens, parents) come into our office and one by one get adjusted.  They simply didn’t know that chiropractic is for everyone with a spine……….so EVERYone!  At Optimal we take a great amount of pride in treating a patient over the course of their lives, we literally get to see our patients grow up! 

But some people are still surprised when they see kids and infants in our office, just because they simply have never heard of the notion that children should be under chiro care.  In our minds it makes perfect sense that infants and kids should be under preventative wellness care.  Babies and kids have a tremendous amount of neural plasticity- a fancy way to say that their young brains are very impressionable and growing at an alarming rate.  At this stage making sure they’re doing all they possibly can to be healthy (diet, exercise, a positive self-image) is at the utmost importance.  Their bodies are also growing at an incredible rate yet they also deal with physical stressors every day and have since birth!  It’s important to make sure they are allowed to function at their highest optimal level so they can be set up to avoid disease and illness later in life. 

Not to mention kids in this country are suffering from ADD and diabetes (not just the juvenile kind anymore!) at an alarming rate and lifestyle choices are certainly some of the highest factors.  Even autism, which also keeps growing, has been highly linked to gestational diabetes in the mother during pregnancy.  Therein lies the importance of family wellness, because our family health decisions affect our spouses and children, not just ourselves.  That’s why we take a whole family approach to health, because it really is that important.  When a family makes the transition to become healthier and proactive together it really just sets them up to live longer, vibrant lives where they’re free to do the things they love.  That’s why when we see a parent come to us for treatment, we make it abundantly clear we not only want to be helping them, but also their spouses and children as well.  If we can make the parents a positive health role model in their kid’s life, chances are they will try and follow their lead.

Often we don’t appreciate our health until it’s already compromised, and by that time it’s too late.  Dr. Andrew and myself have witnessed firsthand the type of devastation chronic sickness and disease can take on families.  It’s driven us to become the doctors we are today, to not only help you live longer lives, but to also be have a high quality of life during those extended years.  Your health is strictly self-serve, and you should be incredibly greedy, but luckily when you come into our office we promise to be your wellness accountability partner through every aspect of your health.

Taking the next step and trusting a chiropractor to see your family can be a difficult one.  Your family are the most important people in your life and their health should not be taken lightly.  In our office we take great pride and responsibility in being able to see families.  Every person who walks through our door is treated with compassion and respect, and we truly strive to give the highest possible care we can to every single one of our patients. That’s why we incorporate NASA certified technology into our practice, why we use a supplement company that goes above and beyond any others, we do it all to make our patients, families, and community the healthiest it can possibly be.  We not only believe in the power of chiropractic care but we also believe in the pillars of nutrition and exercise to truly keep you at your optimal level.  Move well, eat well, think well is a common phrase said in our office and it’s one we 100% believe in. 

So get your family checked today, it could be the beginning of a new health journey for you or a loved one today!

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